RootWork© is a strategic goal setting technique created by Toks to help individuals, teams, and businesses to sustainably accomplish their goals and objectives. Many plans fail not because the idea bad, but because there is a missing link somewhere in the plan that makes lasting success an impossibility. RootWork was created to avoid this by breaking down goals into 4 parts: Fruit, Depth, Breadth, and Nutrients to ensure that nothing is missed in the planning process. The motto behind the technique is, ‘If you change the root, the fruit will follow.’

First, we determine your Fruit, which are your goals, aspirations, desires, and best hopes. Fruit can be anything from personal goals, to corporate roll outs, and team norms; if it’s worth it to you, it’s worthy Fruit.  

Then, we start on the RootWork through Depth, which are your personal convictions, beliefs, and requirements as it relates to your Fruit. You need to believe in the reality of your goals before we can do anything else.

The next part is the Breadth. These are the external factor that are needed for you Fruit. The people, resources and all external things that need to be in line for your goals to become a reality. 

Nutrients are the final and most important part when it comes to having a sustainable goal. If you want your Fruit to last, you have to keep the Depth and Breadth of your roots strong. This is done through the implementation of success metrics and reoccurring periodic check-ins. 

The RootWork© technique is also used to audit, reframe and reverse engineer goals, making it the ultimate personal and corporate strategic solution.

I’m also experienced in Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy and Counselling, Change Management and Project Management methodologies.