How To Be Content

I’m at peace with everything I’m not 

In a world where we’re told that more is more, having satisfaction with where you are currently can feel like a fast track to mediocrity. Constant comparison steals the peace of being present because we’re running from one accomplishment to the next. 

Although this may seem like the noble and ambitious thing to do, there is room for celebration and continued accomplishment with the simple mindset shift of separating complacency from contentment…because they are not the same!

To be content is to look back and be proud of how far you’ve come. To be at peace with everything you are and what you are not (yet). It’s the ability to be present in the moment for all that it is. 

Complacency on the other hand is stuck. An over-comfort with where you are to the point where doing or being more is not a priority. 

Understanding the two will help you realize that there may be more to do and more to be, (all of which I hope you get to),
BUT! the win of what you now need to be celebrated too.


So Friend,

Have gratitude
In this moment
For all that you have
And all that you don't have yet

Have peace
For all that you are
And all that you are not

All in trust
That what is yours
Will never pass you by
And anything that has
Makes room for better

All my best,
Toks ❤️